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How to Compete with the Alpha Male

Throughout nature the female of the species is attracted to the alpha male in the hope that she will be able to bear his offspring-offspring that have the best chance of survival in the cruel world they are going to be brought up in. These females are not looking for a meaningful, long term relationship; a quick interlude, then the privilege of gestation. A fortunate fact, since the alpha male often has a harem and while he protects all of them he does not give any of them his undivided attention.

Forever In Love Tips For Couples

Worried the romance is fading from your marriage and looking for a ways to get it back. Rest assured there are plenty of little things you can do strike up that spark again. No matter deeply you’re love, romance tips can go a long way towards keeping “that lovin’ feelin’” alive for decades to come.

The Best Senior Citizens Ever

If you could sit down with a pencil and paper and list what the top five goals most people would put for their senior citizen years, what do you suppose would go on that list? Financial security would probably rank pretty high. And time with family would get good marks. But just based on the thing that seems to be most on the minds of senior citizens, the thing that would probably rank the highest would be good health, avoiding injury and continued long life.

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